love video

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Canaan & Kell

a happy friday engagement  video!

an engagement announcement in the form of a video can be a unique twist on the traditional engagement shoot!! it doesn’t have to be an engagement but it can be as simple as filming the way you feel for each other and documenting your love.-kelly

video by kelly christine photo

more about kelly-”Born into a family of musicians, artists, soap-makers and sheep-farmers, it was only natural for Kelly to pick up on her own creative skill at a young age. At 15 she got her first camera and fell in love with photographing people and things around her, but after a while that wasn’t enough. After receiving a 35mm Canon film camera as a gift she began experimenting with all different kinds of photography; lomography, polaroids, etc. This eventually led to her collecting vintage cameras. She shot her first wedding for a friend at age 17 and was hooked from there. Nowadays Kelly travels back and forth between her East Texas hometown and her new home, Dallas for shoots ranging from family portraits, kids, maternity, fashion, parties, weddings, films & more. She loves to get creative so if you’ve got an idea or have some questions for her you can send an e-mail to!

on the edge

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Edge painting is a beautiful way to add a subtle splash of color to your invitation. The process involves hand painting color on just the edge of the printed piece. Thicker papers and bolder colors give the most dramatic results.


book worm

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Matthew Robbins’ Inspired Weddings came out at the beginning of this year and it is pure gorgeousness! See a sneak peek below…then go buy your own! It’s a must have.


barn charm

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There are few, few things better that excite like a barn wedding.

Take your wedding to the farm, I promise you won’t be sorry. And if you are not convinced let this beautiful photography pursued you. there are so many amazing things that this organic venue has to offer. No.1, beautiful light, natural light and otherwise. No. 2, it’s wood…the possibilities are endless. You have a blank canvas all your own!





strung up

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I’m a little bit obsessed with string art. It’s everywhere from Anthropologie to our newest Dallas icon the Calatrava bridge. AND it’s an easy thing to do for your event whether making signage or just a beautiful installation. I have to say I favor the really huge installations – they are inexpensive and just amazing in scale. I’m talking a whole wall people.


Just a leisurely Sunday afternoon brunch shower celebrating the upcoming wedding of two wonderful people, Kevin and Berry, in the urban garden of Mr. Tom Spicer at one sweet long table filled with friends. We had a bloody mary for the mens (and ladies had a few too of course), a lovely little champagne bar for the gals and flowers by Bows and Arrows. It was perfect. See below for more details – it was too good not to share!


inner beauty

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Cake. So sweet, so lovely, and always surprising. Pasty Chefs have taken their confectionary talents to a whole new level making cake a medium for amazing pieces of art. While we have all seen the crazy things these chefs do with cake on tv, there is one sweet surprise still to be found within. The actual cake itself.  That’s right, we have discovered yet another way to make cake a little bit sweeter. From amazing colors to creative designs, these cakes are full of personality and charm. Imagine having a cake at your wedding that was not only gorgeous on the outside, but exuded beauty from within.

about Shannon Star: Spent four years getting a degree in Financial Management and then said adios to spreadsheets and dove knee deep into the sweet world of buttercream and fondant. Cake became her passion as she taught herself everything she knows with sleepless nights and sheer determination. She uses her artistic abilities to sculpt and create cake in unique and surprising ways. Founded Layered Bake Shop in 2011 and opened her bakery in Historic Downtown McKinney this year. Grew up in San Diego, CA which she feel inspires her style clean style. Shannon moved to Texas over 6 years ago. She has been featured in Green wedding shoes, D Home, Style me pretty and 100 layer cake

pink ombre with pennant topper from // neapolitan slices from // rainbow sprinkle covered // purple ombre from // blue ombre topped with blueberries from // purple ombre from // blush ombre with fresh flower topping by // pink ombre with basket weaving from // ombre how to from