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Happy Easter to all! Enjoy this beautifully styled easter inspiration by Dietlind Wolf. I love the playful color palette, graphic patterns, and sweet blooms!


concept + realization + photo : dietlind wolf
in print : living at home issue 4/2013

soft blooms

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I love the contrast of the soft romantic blooms in the rustic concrete vessel. And, I love the light colored petals in the dim lighting.

Photography by Adam Rico of Bows and Arrows.


giving thanks part II

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Last week we talked about when to send a thank you note… but what should it say? If you’re not Emily Post it can be hard to get the words flowing. Here are some quick tips on Thank You note etiquette.

Greet the thank-you-note recipient: “Dear _________,” (People like to hear their own name.)

First Sentence: Don’t state the obvious…. “I am just writing to say…” (Duh.) Just say it.

Actual First Sentence – Thanks: “Thank you for the ______________.”

The gift of money is a touchy subject – you should refer to it as ”your generosity” or “your kindness” instead of “Thanks for the cash.” Sounds better doesn’t it?

Use: Mention how you will use (or have already used) the gift. “I wore the blouse the very next day.”  If it’s cash/check/gift certificate - say how you plan to use the money. “It will be a great help in fixing up the new house.” Don’t exaggerate – you’ll insult their intellect. i.e. “It’s the best gift ever!”

Wrap It Up: Say how great it was to see them at Aunt Sally’s tea party, how you hope to meet again soon, or (if it’s someone you barely know) hope they are doing well.

Be Redundant: ”Thanks again for your gift.”

Sign It: (duh)

Overall: Be genuine, hand write it, and make it personal. Don’t use wording that could be photo copied for each guest – “Thank you for the gift. It’s great.” People will probably assume you paid someone to write the same note over and over. Which you can do, by the way… a lot of calligraphers provide that service. Just make sure they’re specific.



Photo credits: SugarPaper, Crane,

maids of the bride

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As the photographer, we are responsible to make the gals look good, the bridesmaids that is!! See how different photographers get creative.




holla holo

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It has Vegas potential so I’m not saying it’s for everyone but tastefully done it’s festive and totally different. We have been doing a lot of holographic foils and paper at the studio lately so thus inspired this post. I just love how holographic materials pick up all the colors of the rainbow. Gorgeous, every time.


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thank you, thank you very much

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We all know we are supposed to send thank you notes… but when? How late is too late? My answer is – better late than never. You should usually aim to send thank you notes up to 2 weeks after an event or shower. For weddings, the timeline can be extended to as much as 3 months, but like I said, “better late than never.” Here are some simple thank you notes I’m loving right now.







Photos via Pinterest

geometry lesson

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The following vases don’t just look cool but are geometrically sound! Shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space are ideas that make them rad.





All images found via Pinterest