A Trend to Dye For

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We’ve all come to love Ombre and we’ve incorporated it into everything from our hair to florals to even our nails, but there’s a new guy in town and he’s Ombre’s cooler step-brother that we just can’t get enough of: ”Dip-Dye”. The main difference between ombré and dip dye is in the color transition: instead of the smooth gradient from color to color you see with ombré, taking a dip means a more intentional, daring shift from one shade to the next. I personally love this trend, and can’t wait to style my brides in a daring dipped bridal gown.

- Lulu Amin, November Lily

I’m loving the unexpected pop that dip dying gives to paper and it can easily be DIYed. Here’s how:

Before you start, it’s important to know that different types of paper will take dye differently and uncoated stocks are best.


Paper (duh)
Some kind of bucket to put the dye in (at least 8″ deep)
Stiring utinsil
Rit liquid (or powder) dye


Fill your bucket/pot/tub with (at least) 6 inches of hot water. Stir in dye slowly and add more water if it’s too dark or if the color is too light, add dye. Holding your paper as straight as possible, dip into the dye mixture to desired depth. Keep your paper in the dye until it turns the desired color. Hang to dry.

Our guest blogger, Lulu, is the Founder and Bridal Stylist at November Lily – a luxury boutique bridal styling-house. She is also the creator of this Fall’s chic bridal event: BRIDES BAUBLES & BLUSH – The ULTIMATE Bridal Styling & Fashion Event! For more great bridal styling tips and trends be sure to visit her at www.facebook.com/novemberlily or www.novlilybride.com



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dynamic duo

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Flowers and paper are two of the most important design elements of weddings! They both set the stage for the big day, define your style, and allow other things to follow suite and fall into place! Bows and Arrows teamed up with Southern Fried Paper to show you how flowers and paper can work hand in hand and make for a fantastical dynamic duo!


man in uniform

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Browers of Hollywood

As we remembered our heroes and veterans yesterday , Memorial Day, I would like to also honor those in service today. They say nothing is more sexy than a man in uniform. So… what could be more attractive than a man in uniform that’s in Love??  Thank you to all of the men and women that serve our country and work day in and day out so that we can live in a free country.

 benj haisch

 brandon kidd

kym ventola


all that glitters

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Loving this gorgeous video by Meet + Cute in Charlottesville, Virginia. Beautifully captured and styled from beginning to end. Found on Vimeo… a great resource for ideas when you are thinking about videography. Enjoy!!


florida beauty

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Inspired by the season and their location (the backyard of Katie’s childhood home), Katie and Walker used a spring-y green, white and ivory color palette to plan an “informally elegant” wedding.

– Justine Lorelle Blanchard, The Knot


Photos By: Leah Powell Photography, Jacksonville, FL

Colored Lace

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Lace is such a romantic textile to have in your wedding and I’m in love with the idea of seeing it stand out proudly in color. Whether it’s in a bold or pastel tone, colored lace is a dramatic fabric that puts a spin on the classic white, neutral and black that’s typically seen. It’s just so much fun and I’m daydreaming about all the possibilities!



- Shawna of Event Styling by Shawna Marie

Event Styling by Shawna Marie is a boutique design company, dedicated to creating special event experiences that reflect the goals of the client. Shawna’s professional background in the wedding industry began in 2009, working for the internationally recognized luxury wedding blog, StyleMePretty.com.  She has gained years of valuable insight on current wedding trends throughout the U.S. and is incredibly honored to provide excellent personal service during the most exciting moments of a person’s life.  Shawna has earned a degree in Interior Design and Hospitality Management and has developed a portfolio of transforming spaces in both hotel and residential interiors.

First two photos by Nine Photography, others found here, Modcloth, here, and here

Interactive Invitations

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Invitations don’t have to be limited to words on paper. They can be interactive! How cool is a madlib RSVP card? Or a board game save the date? Check out these inspiring pieces that combine stationery with entertainment.

Add some technology with a QR code (a barcode read by smart phones) that links to your wedding website.

This save the date actually ties a red string into a knot as the card opens. Here’s the translation:”KNOT: LOOP THAT IS FASTENED AND LOCKED SO IT IS DIFFICULT TO RELEASE, AND THE MORE ITS ENDS ARE PULLED APART THE MORE IT TIES TOGETHER.”