prime time

August 12th, 2013 | Posted by Hello Love in Beauty


How many times have you meticulously applied eyeshadow, liner and mascara, only to have your lids looking washed out and dull over the course of several hours?  When I have 10, even 12-hour work days, I can’t afford to have my makeup go muddy.  I need those crisp lines to remain fixed and the bold colors to stay robust.  How?  LID PRIMER!


If you’re going to do full-face makeup, priming your lids is as integral to the beauty process as daily SPF.  Skimping on this little known trick leaves you lackluster halfway through the day.  Here at La Bichette, we use GloMinerals Lid Primer but any brand will do.  Use a camouflage or concealer brush (the kind with the synthetic bristles) and apply a thin, even coat of lid primer to the entire eyelid and continue all the way up to the brow.  Let the primer sit for a moment before applying your shadow.


When you’re ready to apply your shadow, you’ll notice a vast different in the color intensity.  Another benefit of lid primer is less = more!  Use less shadow and have brighter results than ever before.  Here’s proof… from left to right, we have the eyeshadow without lid primer next to the same eyeshadow with lid primer.


Seems like a no brainer to me!


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