harvest {color} spectrum

October 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Hello Love in Flower - (Comments Off)

Harvest bounty does not have to be shades of burnt orange, rust, and mustard. Take a look at the beautiful autumn color spectrum seen in these bountiful arrangements.

styling concept + flower arangement  : dietlind wolf
photo : julia hoersch
in print : schoenerwohnen issue 10/2012

pinterest interest: hair

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It’s been a while since I have posted a batch from our pinterest interest! Hopefully these elegant, classic, and creative wedding day dos will excite you. Please visit our pinterest page for more inspiration

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blaze of glory

October 1st, 2012 | Posted by Hello Love in Style - (Comments Off)

I know I bring a little crazy to this blog (see rent-a-camel) but Monday is my shift and so we need a kickstart yes? In high and hopeful anticipation of colder weather today I’m definitely going to throw you a curve ball… I’ve got fire on the brain. I love a good fire – the warmth, the energy. As much as the idea of beautiful weddings is where I pour most of my energy, I also love the idea of unexpected entertainment at weddings. A marching band just randomly showing up,  bride and groom riding in on a camel…something to make SURE people never forget your wedding. So this morning an idea popped into my head that I once did for a party and I thought how cool would this be at your wedding. Firedancers. It’s beautiful, rare and certainly unexpected. Now, it’s got to be the right place and the right people but just put this on the shelf with “crazier things have happened”. Ok or maybe you just go with fire in general. Here’s a few ways to incorporate “fire” into your wedding.

Ritual Fire Wedding by Fire Connection from yagama on Vimeo.

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