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Now that we’ve gone over the whole soak-rinse-dry-overnight method for your makeup brushes, let’s go over daily maintenance. Although it may sound irritatingly fastidious, I highly recommend that you clean your brushes after each application. Your brushes have the potential to become a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in breakouts and poor health. Not to mention, dirty brushes distribute pigment unevenly. You wouldn’t dream of painting your walls with a dirty paintbrush so why use oil and makeup clogged bristles on your pristine skin?

What to do: Use a spray brush cleaner that dries within minutes. Best of all, you can save your precious pennies and make it yourself!

You’ll need:

1 cup distilled water

1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

1/2 tablespoon Castile soap (again, I recommend Dr. Bronner’s Gently/Baby Liquid Soap)

1/2 tablespoon hair shampoo

1 tablespoon spray, leave in conditioner

Mix the above ingredients and pout the solution into a small spray bottle. To use, spray directly onto the bristles and wipe down with a tissue until all pigment is gone from the brush, like so:




Once you’ve made your solution, the spray is quick and easy to use!

In short, be good to your brushes and they’ll be good to you!











makeup brush maintenance

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To me, maintaining your makeup brushes is integral to flawless makeup.  That’s why doing a deep clean on your brush lot about once or twice a month depending on your usage, will greatly benefit the quality of your makeup application and will keep your skin healthy.  But of course we want to keep in mind the longevity of our brushes which can often times cost a pretty penny.  That’s why I recommend using a gentle DIY brush cleaner spray (my next post!) on a daily bases, especially on brushes that are used with any kind of creamy products (foundation, concealer, cream shadow, lipstick, etc.).
If you’ve never thought about giving your brushes a little lovin’, here’s how it’s done:
Step 1: To begin, gather your brushes, a small cup or bowl and some mild shampoo or face wash.  I’ve always used Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Liquid Soap (on just about everything) due to its gentle nature and sweet smell.  Mix a dollop of your cleanser with lukewarm water in your cup.
Side Note: This is my most favorite brush that I use for everything from liquid foundation to clearing away eyeshadow fallout.  It gets used and abused and as you can see, it has that creamy/greasy/downright dirty appearance.  When your brush looks like this, it’s ready for some TLC.
Step 2: Take your brush and swirl it around in your soapy mixture being mindful not to submerge your brush past the brush hairs.  Why?   That fancy metal is hiding the glue that binds the brush hairs and the wooden handle.  If water gets into that area and remains over time, it will break down the glue and ruin your brush.  See how my water looks beige?  That’s a week’s worth of foundation (ew).
Step 3: Rinse!  Thoroughly rinse your brush under water so that all of the soap is out and the water runs clear.
To make sure I got everything, I squeeze out the brush from the top down like so..
Step 4: Dry!  Rest your brushes on a sink so that the hair of the brush is hanging over the edge and able to drip dry.  It takes about a day for your brushes to fully dry.
By the end of the process, you’ll have glistening, sweet smelling brushes!

nude lip 101

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One of my very favorite makeup looks is the ever sultry smokey eye topped off with a soft, understated, yet totally sexy nude lip. The concept may seem easy enough, but I’ve seen it botched countless times. More often than not, the fault lies in the lips. Achieving the perfect nude lip takes a little more know how than lunging for the lightest lipstick in the drawer. Doing so may lead to lips that become so blended with your face that they seem to disappear.

Act One: Hidden Lips

image copy

On the other end of the spectrum, nude lips can appear so chalky and/or stark that they seem to glow.

Act Two: Chalky Lips


The trick to nude lips is contouring! Slapping on one creamy color may look alright but as we’ve just seen, it can easily flatten your lips and who wants that? To make your lips look voluptuous and full while maintaining that effortless nude lip look, first neutralize your lips by applying a tinted moisturizer or foundation. Next, line (and blend!) with a taupe liner. The next step, choosing your lipstick, is a tricky one. Balancing your skin tone and avoiding the too pale or tired look is of the utmost importance here. Choose a shade that has a bit of warmth to it. Perhaps something a la Dior Rouge Lip Color in Agelique Beige:

For those of us that are more pale, beige-y lipsticks can appear yellow. In this case, go with a nude that’s in the pale pink family. A great one is Tom Ford’s Lip Color in Blush Nude:

Lastly, take a sheer shimmery gloss and dab it in the pout and bow of your lip. Something similar to Stila’s Silk Shimmer Gloss will do the trick.

Here’s what we’re aiming for:

See how Kim’s lips look three dimensional but still subtle? That’s what we want! Just remember, for the smokey eye and nude lip duo, you don’t want your lips to steal the show but you also don’t want them to be overlooked.

Until next time!









Sources: DiorTom FordStila

beauty and the braid

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For those of you who tend to wander down life’s more unorthodox paths, you may enjoy the notion that our hair tells a much greater story than bad hair day, good hair day, tousled, curly, straight, colored, relaxed etc. Hair  is our most visibly living organ, as it grows quicker than any other part of our body and is thus a manifestation of… well, living.
Your Mom may have kept a delicate, feathlerlike lock from your first haircut. You probably associate a large part of your identity with your hair – especially when looking through old photos, and of course, when the big day arrives, your matrimonial ‘do is more often than not, strategically planned. And so, with that said, here’s a little something to simmer on…
There’s a braid for every bride. Whether it’s a whimsy style, loose braid or a perfectly polished plait, braiding three bits of hair into one is a sweet reminder of strength in unity. What better symbolism to bring to your special day?

glam squad

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: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :: : : : :   I N T R O D U C I N G   : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

{  tammy coleman – beauty  } 

When we started La Bichette, we set out with the belief that not only does the honest and true mom & pop business (well, in our case mom & daughter) still have a place in this wild world, but that it might just be exactly what the world needs right now.  We are proud to be locally owned and operated and intend to keep it that way.  We are from Dallas, for Dallas!

It all began with two redheads (my mom and me) talking about the days when grace, glamor, class and confidence all went hand in hand and the belief that a true modern woman must embody a balance of femininity and feminism.  To be provocative and practical, lively and intelligent, beautiful and bold, you must first know and appreciate yourself. Being gorgeous has everything to do with feeling secure in your own skin. But let’s face it, looking and feeling extraordinary amidst life’s daily hurdles is no easy task. Taking care of yourself, or as the French say, souci de soi, is of the utmost importance. That’s where we come in!

But for these two redheads and devout animal enthusiasts, even life’s most simple pleasures should be conscious ones.  That’s why at La Bichette, we are firmly against animal testing and do our best to use and support products that are made in the USA.  Our hair product packaging is made from aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material, and is refillable in our atelier.  We want looking gorgeous to be as guilt free as it is effortless.  Come in and see for yourself!





into the vineyard

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Vineyard weddings are one of my favorite things. Something about it is just so organic and romantic. Alice and Jason were married in beautiful Napa Valley at Calistoga Ranch last fall and we were thrilled to be part of it. Be sure not to miss the (pink) cork place card holders.


romantic Museum wedding

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Photography: nbarrett photography / Coordinator: After Yes / Floral Design: Bows and Arrows / Ceremony dress: traditional Sari / Reception dress: Carolina Herrera from Neiman Marcus / Bride’s Shoes: Prada / Bride’s Jewelry: groom’s families jewels/ ceremony & reception venue: Dallas Museum of Art / Bakery: LaDuni / Paper: William Arthur / DJ: Dallas Rhythms