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July 15th, 2013 | Posted by Hello Love in Beauty


Apparently when you do a juice cleanse, it’s really all you can think about.  I’m presently on day 2 of a 3-day, 6-juice-a-day juice cleanse and yet in that short amount time, all of my friends are not only aware of this journey, but they’ve also been privy to every speed bump, no matter how insignificant, I’ve faced in the past 24-hours.  I suppose that’s why many choose to cleanse while on a blissful retreat, far far away and out of cell phone reception.  Nevertheless, I’m doing it.  I’ve never done one before but got intrigued after visiting The Gem in Dallas.


If your summer is at all like mine, it has been inundated with more beer/pool parties, more margarita/enchilada sittings, and less exercising than I’d like to admit.  The part of me that has always felt so radiant was losing its sparkle so I opted for a cleanse.
Why cleanse?  Here’s what The Gem says a cleanse can do for you:

• Flood your body with micronutrients.
• Drop a few pounds.
• Reduce inflammation.
• Curb your sugar cravings.
• Increase your energy and productivity by clarifying your mind.
• Bolster your immune system.
• Kick start a new healthy eating plan.
• Sleep better.
• Glow with bright shiny eyes and clearer, more vibrant skin.
So if you’re feeling sluggish or less sparkly than you used to, give it a try!  There are loads of cleanses to choose from, some that deliver all the juices straight to your door, others that you pick up.  At The Gem, I pick up my 6-pack of juices (that they so cleverly pack in a beer carrier) each morning and I drink the juices every two hours in the order they specify.  Drinking plenty of water along the way as well as green tea if you’re used to a daily cup of joe is integral!
Of course there are other things you can do to keep your beautiful self extra vibrant.  For instance, I found this super helpful Healthy Pantry/Refrigerator Makeover on The Gem’s blog:
1. White rice and pasta.
2. Salty, fried snack foods like potato chips and corn chips. Especially those with chemicals and color.
3. Vegetable oil. It’s acidic and tasteless.
4. Sugary cereals, boxes with BRIGHT COLORS, OR PRIZES INSIDE
5. Canned soups, make your own and freeze the extra.
6. High Fructose corn syrup drinks.
7. Yogurt with artificial sweeteners and colors.
8. Any thing labeled sugar free, fat free or ‘lite.’ If they can’t spell it right, it’s wrong.
9. Take a look at the ingredients in your condiments. Try making your own salad dressing.
10. Frozen entrees. Lean Cuisines are loaded in preservatives and sodium.

1. Whole grains like long grain brown rice and quinoa. Whole grain cereals. Go Lean Crunch is pretty tasty! Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal is a winner.
2. Nuts.  Raw almonds and pumpkin seeds rock my world. Dried and/or dehydrated fruit. Sliced frozen bananas or grapes are awesome in the summer.
3. Healthy oils like canola, olive, coconut. Spices like Jalapeno Lemon Pepper or Tommy’s Coffee Rub are amazing additions to spice up your foods.
4. There is no finer snack than popcorn made with coconut oil and sea salt.
5. Canned beans: cannelini, black, pinto, lentils. (Dried are best. See easy crock pot bean recipe). Beans and rice topped with salsa and avocado is a perfect protein meal.
6. Sparkling water and limes–the perfect cooler.
7. Nonfat plain Greek yogurt
8. Domestic (or local), seasonal fruits and veggies. Keep all the ingredients for a quick smoothie in the pantry and freezer. Amazing Meals is a great vegan protein addition!
9. Hummus, tamari sauce, salsa, guacamole.
10. Homemade chili or soup.  Keep in the freezer for quick access.
To a more sparkly you!
Sources: The Gem

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