sealed with a kiss

January 24th, 2013 | Posted by Hello Love in Paper - (3 Comments)

You’ve planned your invitation down to the very last detail. So why not seal it with something just as special. A personal seal expresses dignity, prestige, and formality of a bygone era. Add another layer of detail by painting metallic highlights on to the hardened wax or stamping the seal in a metallic ink pad before pressing it into the wax.

A quick history lesson… For centuries, important documents were authenticated by placing a large drop of melted wax next to a signature and then impressing an engraved signet ring. (Often a coat of arms.) It was tradition to destroy the seal when the owner died so few original signet rings still exist. With the introduction of the gummed envelope in the 19th century, the need for wax seals dwindled but they were still used as a decorative element and means of personal expression.



laser beaming

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One of the lesser known but very cool invitation techniques doesn’t even use ink… it done with lasers. With laser cutting, you’re able to get much finer details than with a traditional die cut or plotter.


tables by number

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Table numbers can be so boring… a black number on a generic white table tent… so get creative and spice it up a bit! Here are some of my favorite ideas.


emerald with envy

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Happy New Year everyone! Pantone recently revealed PMS 17-5641 Emerald, a lively, radiant, lush green, as the Color of the Year for 2013. A departure from last year’s energizing “Tangerine Tango”, this year’s color is more balancing and harmonious. Green portrays renewal and prosperity so hopefully that’s a good omen for 2013!




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wonderful windows

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I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas holiday! One of my favorite parts of the holidays are the elaborate window displays. I stumbled upon the artist, Eloise Corr Danch. She started in painting and illustration but soon found her passion in paper sculpting. Her client list includes Macy’s, DVF, Anthropologie and a slew of other impressive names. Check out her amazing work below!


sign it

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Floral arrangements provide a great base for other decor – like paper signs and pennants! Check out these creations by Bows and Arrows and Southern Fried Paper.


chance of showers

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Before the big day there are showers and parties that also need fabulous ideas! Here are some of my favorites for a unique bridal shower.