thank you, thank you very much

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We all know we are supposed to send thank you notes… but when? How late is too late? My answer is – better late than never. You should usually aim to send thank you notes up to 2 weeks after an event or shower. For weddings, the timeline can be extended to as much as 3 months, but like I said, “better late than never.” Here are some simple thank you notes I’m loving right now.







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just C.A.U.S.

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So many government acronyms so little time… But here’s one you might find interesting: The Color Association of the United States. In 1915, CAUS developed a color forecasting process that we still follow today.  They create and deliver global color intelligence across industries (Color Intelligence… I’d love to have that on a badge!) and serve as the premier forecast agent, specialized educator, and trusted advisor to color professionals whose responsibility is to ensure marketplace success for their color decisions in the realm of brands, product and service, and spatial environments

Roseanna Roberts is Director of Color Trends at CAUS. She’s essentially a “color forecaster.” Sign me up for that! After studying Fashion Communications she traveled the globe – picking up bits of color inspiration along the way. She attributes a lot of her inspiration to photos she’s taken and the world around us. When asked how she can “see the future” – two years in advance to be exact – she credits studying important events, elections, movies, and art exhibitions that will be taking place in that year. Big factors include if there are olympic games or a presidential election.

They forecast every category from fashion and beauty to interior design, providing coordinating palettes and inspiration in addition to individual color trends. Here’s the catch – the information is exclusive to members of CAUS. The good news is you can join! For a fee, of course.

Check out more of what the CAUS does at


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storybook weddings

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A wedding is essentially a love story… here are some invitations inspired by books and book covers.


pretty little boxes

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I love a nice boxed invitation. It’s like Christmas any time of the year. They come in so many shapes and sizes that the possibilities are really endless.





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happy valentine’s day!

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Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all! Red and Pink are one of my favorite color combinations because it’s monochromatic but also bold and edgy. Check out these valentines wedding ideas… but first I would just like to say, red soles… duh.


crack the code

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As technology evolves, stationers try to incorporate new techniques into old school printing. (or maybe it’s just me…) We’ve used QR codes for fun and different ways to make a piece of stationery interactive – from a secret password to a speakeasy to an entire birthday invitation. For those of you residing under a rock, a QR code is essentially a bar code that you scan with your smartphone camera that takes you to a website, generates an email, or simply displays preprogrammed text. (And I bet you didn’t know… QR actually stands for “Quick Response”.) Here are some creative ways to incorporate this new technology into your paper.

For a save the date, use a QR code to help guests add the wedding date to their own calendar, making sure they won’t miss it. For a directions card, have a QR code automatically bring up a map to the ceremony or reception venue. For a shower invite, a QR code could bring up a registry list for easy shopping. I’ve seen QR codes used to track guest responses (in lieu of a traditional RSVP card) but I think this is best left for more informal parties.

Last tip – just in case you have some rock-dwellers on your invite list, include the website URL near the QR code.



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be my valentine

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Next to the winter holidays, Valentine’s Day is paper’s next big occasion. Do it up right with these awesome greeting card ideas.