ring a bell?

February 8th, 2012 | Posted by Hello Love in Flower

The bell jar was first used as a piece of laboratory equipment. Typically made of glass, it was “bell” in shape, and would sit on a base which would create a vacuum when the air was pumped out. Experimentation, observation, and analysis were words associated with the bell jar. Today, we know the bell jar to be something a bit different. Intriguing, charming, and nostalgic are words that may come to mind. Incorporating these pretty little domes into your decor on the big day is a great way to engage your guests…pick a few of your favorite knick knacks and treasures from home or pair with flowers and try them as your centerpieces on guest tables. Also a sweet way to highlight your sweets!

Go ahead, conduct your own experiment!

Styling by Dietlind Wolf

Photos by Sabrina Rothe

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