lovely lace

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It’s so beautiful isn’t it? I mean, doilies… they are still lovely and you can do so much with lace and doilies. DIY all day long. Yes, it’s old school but it’s grace is forever stunning…


black & white in the city

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I love this inspiration shoot from my friends at Quatre Coeur. Quintessential New York. Sophisticated. Sexy. Modern.


one word. tablet.

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Tablet. That’s all you have to remember when it comes to finding a hotel for your honeymoon. SURE there are plenty of hotels not on Tablet. but if you like boutique, designer, incredible hotels (and who doesn’t?) this is the place to go. You can narrow your search by city, size, interest, country, activities – yes, romance is one of them. And so is unusual — lucky you.


chalk it up to good design

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The work of Brooklyn-based (but Texas bred!) chalkboard artist, Dana Tanamachi, has recently been seen in West Elm, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Google, Adidas, EveryDay with Rachael Ray, and Garden & Gun Magazine. She also designed the first ever entirely hand-lettered O Magazine cover. Check out some of Dana’s awesome work…


lapel of love

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Making a boutonniere is a labor of love. There is a lot that goes into making this little piece of art…..
Start by gathering your materials


i love you

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{photo by alixann loosle}

Happy Day of Love to all!

Guys and Gals, get off the couch and get your dating pants on. It is time to go out! Think hard and dig deep and come up with the most fun date imaginable for your VALENTINES DAY! let these engagement photos inspire you.  Do something you wouldn’t normally do…say, taking a dip in the lake with your clothes on.

{photo by aria photography}
build a fort and cuddle…

{photo by aria photography}
open a lemonade stand…


light as a feather

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image via little doe is love
Feathers are so soft and sweet and can be used in gorgeous unusual ways as an invitation or a hairpiece or even on your shoes. Tons of inspiration this week around these delicate little treasures. I love the idea of an indian headdress over a typical head piece for a bride.

 image via bhldn

literally have never stopped thinking about this invitation since the first time I saw. Stamped feathers. Shut your pretty little face. via alana mccann

these lovelies from twigs and honey

image via one wed