a new order

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an amazing video by you and yours inspired by the painted desert photoshoot! a new way to “save the date”…imagine making one with you and yours!

Goldie and Phoenix’ nontraditional save-the-date vignette is a dreamy sequence of playful romance. A wooded neighborhood park at dusk offered the perfect muted setting for colorful details to come to play. Inspired by the couple’s Navajo-themed wedding vision, we incorporated pink smoke signals and played with geometric pattern to add a sense of mysticism to this otherwise joyous romantic romp, aptly set to New Order’s “Ceremony”. -Y AND YRS

down the rabbit hole

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Every now and then I come across a printed piece that makes me giddy like a schoolgirl. This would be one of those pieces. Created by Vancouver-based Graphic Designer Jag Nagra, the invitation was mailed out in pieces a few weeks apart – giving just a few details at a time.


ring a bell?

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The bell jar was first used as a piece of laboratory equipment. Typically made of glass, it was “bell” in shape, and would sit on a base which would create a vacuum when the air was pumped out. Experimentation, observation, and analysis were words associated with the bell jar. Today, we know the bell jar to be something a bit different. Intriguing, charming, and nostalgic are words that may come to mind. Incorporating these pretty little domes into your decor on the big day is a great way to engage your guests…pick a few of your favorite knick knacks and treasures from home or pair with flowers and try them as your centerpieces on guest tables. Also a sweet way to highlight your sweets!

Go ahead, conduct your own experiment!


pinterest interest: FLOWERS

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{Beaux Arts Photographie} & {Ashleigh Taylor Photography}

yes, I have been pinning away tirelessly to deliver some awesome inspiration for you. I hope you find something you love in the perfect color. These boutinnieres and bouquets were not paired together on pinterest, but I think they marry well!!

{Maureen davids photography} & {faye marie}

{BN photography} & {Amelia Lyon}

{Amelia Strauss Photography} & {SEAN WALKER PHOTOGRAPHY}

{Natalie Watson} & {Jose Villa}

pretty pretty pinata

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love this idea of a visual moment of texture, beauty, fun and interaction. Maybe not an alligator but if it’s gold – why not??

images via here, herehere and here


painted desert romance

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This styled photoshoot holds as much allure as the southwest.

Inspired by navajo culture and crafts, we took the age old traditions of Native American beadwork, weaving, and pottery and mingled our new ideas of pop art, glamour, and playfulness. A color palette of primarily dusty rose, mauve, turquoise, and grey echoes the landscape and horizon found in the desert. Flower arrangements were crafted using golden cacti, pencil cacti, blooming branches, thistles, proteas and heirloom roses in vintage 1980 ceramic vessels. The paper suite was inspired by two native american icons: the invitation served as a dreamcatcher and the save the date was a puzzle contained in a medicine bag. A gloriously graphic cake “beaded” with sprinkles and donning a mystical wolf completes our vision quest! Photos by n.Barrett photography



2011 paper – wrapped!

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These are a few of my favorite things from 2011…

Pretty in Pink (Photography by Catie Ronquillo)

All that Glitters (Photography by nbarrett photography)

Bollywood inspired invitation (Photography by Greg Blomberg)