laser tag

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Maybe its just me, but when I think of lasers, I think of the good old days of laser tag and sci fi novels where aliens shoot lasers at us from space. Well, lasers are everywhere now and when it comes to invitations, its a great way to really showcase your vision and standout!

Here are some of my favorite laser cut invitations, starting with the gorgeous, vintage shape invites with calligraphy pictured above. I do. From the geniuses at Wedding Chicks.

Magical Garden invitations by B Wedding Invitations.

Super rad and rustic pop up, laser cut invitations by Wood and Grain.


Put a ring on all your single friends with these creative Save the Dates by Melbourne Laser Cutter.

Gorgeous wedding stationary from Ceci New York. Swoon.


Papel Picado style invitations by Sweet Magnolia Paper for a Fiesta themed 3rd Birthday Party!










Sources: see above

magical moonrise

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soft and wild bouquet nbarrett

an ode to moonrise kingdom


cake trendsetters

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Now that last week’s post has you ready to buck with wedding cake tradition and source something fresh and on-trend, (or at least has opened that door a little bit,) I wanted to showcase some of my favorite wedding cake trendsetters to get those wheels a turnin’. These designers are true artists – they have pushed the limits of technique and tradition to create something completely new, and in turn have inspired tons of cakes across the world. From intricate and delicate detail work that mimics couture fashion to rough, unfinished facades that tug at a viscous vocabulary, these cakes span a wide range of style. They each remain statement pieces and works of art, but there’s a softness about them that translates as “cake” and makes them a little easier to cut into.

Maggie Austin


Austin’s most famous cakes are surely those swathed in her uber delicate gumpaste fringe. What sets these apart from other fringe work is how incredibly delicate the fringe is – she reaches an unparallelled level of translucence with her fringe – it actually seems to reflect light with an almost paper or fabric-like quality, an incredible other-ness. She also sets the bar incredibly high for sugar flower work with flowers that look unbelievable lifelike. And if that isn’t enough (I mean, Really!) check out her gorgeous painted cakes inspired by stained glass.

makeup brush maintenance

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To me, maintaining your makeup brushes is integral to flawless makeup.  That’s why doing a deep clean on your brush lot about once or twice a month depending on your usage, will greatly benefit the quality of your makeup application and will keep your skin healthy.  But of course we want to keep in mind the longevity of our brushes which can often times cost a pretty penny.  That’s why I recommend using a gentle DIY brush cleaner spray (my next post!) on a daily bases, especially on brushes that are used with any kind of creamy products (foundation, concealer, cream shadow, lipstick, etc.).
If you’ve never thought about giving your brushes a little lovin’, here’s how it’s done:
Step 1: To begin, gather your brushes, a small cup or bowl and some mild shampoo or face wash.  I’ve always used Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Liquid Soap (on just about everything) due to its gentle nature and sweet smell.  Mix a dollop of your cleanser with lukewarm water in your cup.
Side Note: This is my most favorite brush that I use for everything from liquid foundation to clearing away eyeshadow fallout.  It gets used and abused and as you can see, it has that creamy/greasy/downright dirty appearance.  When your brush looks like this, it’s ready for some TLC.
Step 2: Take your brush and swirl it around in your soapy mixture being mindful not to submerge your brush past the brush hairs.  Why?   That fancy metal is hiding the glue that binds the brush hairs and the wooden handle.  If water gets into that area and remains over time, it will break down the glue and ruin your brush.  See how my water looks beige?  That’s a week’s worth of foundation (ew).
Step 3: Rinse!  Thoroughly rinse your brush under water so that all of the soap is out and the water runs clear.
To make sure I got everything, I squeeze out the brush from the top down like so..
Step 4: Dry!  Rest your brushes on a sink so that the hair of the brush is hanging over the edge and able to drip dry.  It takes about a day for your brushes to fully dry.
By the end of the process, you’ll have glistening, sweet smelling brushes!

travel savvy: part two

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You’re taking a trip. Great! You’ve packed your travel essentials (and maybe some of mine, seen here), you have a plan to get to the airport and you’re ready to get outta town. But, there’s a good chance you’ve woken up at the crack of dawn to catch your flight or you were rushing from work (or somewhere) to make it to the airport…either way, early am and/or flustered tend not to aid in you looking like your best self.  Here’s my guide to looking effortlessly chic when traveling, because let’s face it, nobody wants to look like slob when they show up to their fabulous, or not so fabulous, destination…so, here’s how to look like your amazing self even after trying to sleep with your head on the tray table!

Here are my two go-to travel uniforms. You may need to add or exchange a few pieces (winter coat, sandals instead of boots, etc.) depending on the climate of your destination  but you get the basics down and making a few adjustments is no biggie!

Option #1:

-leggings or black skinnies


When it comes to leggings, I pretty much only wear lulu lemon Wunder Unders. They’re currently still having a debacle with their black fabric (they had a few batches that were totally sheer-yikes!) but I actually think their navy is a nice option. These jeans from Levis are affordable and adorable and I’ve had my pair for several years and they still look brand new!

-layering tank


I love the tanks from James Purse. They’re super simple and they’re nice enough to wear on their own or as a layering piece.

-embellished sweater or sweatshirt


It’s pretty much always cold on the plane and you want something that’s cute but also comfy. I love a sweatshirt that’s acceptable to wear out of the house and I really love spikes, so you can’t go wrong with one of these cozy style statements. The best part is, the embellishments, eliminate the need to add jewelry – one less thing to think about!



Flats are comfortable and easy to slip on and off, so they make the plane ride more comforatble and the security check much quicker. You can definitely go with a neutral or use this as an opportunity to add a pop of color to your travel uniform. Really, just decide which pair makes the most sense for the rest of what you have packed and planned for your trip.

-sock bun


Whether you did or didn’t have time to wash your hair before your headed to their airport, there’s no denying that a sock bun is the fastest and easiest way to look polished and put together. The added bonus is that your hair is out of your way as you wrestle your bags through security and you don’t have to give it a second thought for the rest of the day.

-oversized shades


Your hair is up and out of your face, so why not add a little Audrey Hepburn-esque glamour to your look? You’re a jet-setter after all!

-cross body purse


It’s an easy place to have all your essentials (ID, money, etc.) without tying up one of your hands! I personally love the cross body, fold over purse that Foley and Corinna make (shown in grey but it comes in a ton of colors and fabrics) but they also have super cute ones at Target, like the one above.

Outfit #1 complete! And now for your second uniform option. If you’re feeling less like a ballerina and more like a tomboy, this one’s for you…


party food: poolside drinks

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Hot summer days are made for cool and refreshing drinks. If you find yourself by the pool about to let the heat drive you back indoors, an icy beverage is guaranteed to extend your sun time! Perfect for pool parties or backyard get-togethers, there are multitude of summery cocktail recipes out there to choose from. To narrow the playing field, I’d suggest starting with your liquor of choice and working from there. You may also want to consider ease if you are serving a large crowd – something like a Sangria or spiked lemonade are great choices, as they can easily be made in large batches.  For blended concoctions, be prepared to spend a lot of time behind the blender if you are having more than a few guests. For some inspiration here are a few recipes to get started!
WHISKEY: The Honey Rye
You’ll Need…
5 tablespoons rye whiskey
3 tablespoons honey liqueur (such as Bärenjäger)
1/4 teaspoon orange bitters
Ginger ale
2 orange twists
Do This…
Combine whiskey, honey liqueur, and bitters. Pour over ice between two glasses. Top off with ginger ale and garnish with orange twists.
RUM: Rum Punch
You’ll Need…
 1 1/2 cups light rum
3 cups fresh squeezed orange juice
3 cups fresh pineapple juice
3 cups fresh lime juice
2 tbs. cranberry juice
2 tbs. grenadine
ice cups
1 lime in thin slices for garnish
Do This…
In a large pitcher, combine rum, juice, and grenadine. Stir until well combined. Serve over ice and garnish with lime slices
CHAMPAGNE: The Sour Cherry Yuzu Bellini
You’ll Need…
 1/2 pound pitted fresh or frozen sour cherries
1/2 cup sugar
4 tbs fresh yuzu juice (may substitute 1/2 tangerine juice and 1/2 lime juice)
1 750 ml bottle, plus 2 cups chilled champagne
Do This…
Puree cherries in a food processor. Strain the pureed cherries over a sauce pan to yield about 1/2 cup of cherry juice. Stir the sugar into the juice and bring to a simmer. Cook, while stirring until the sugar is dissolved.  Refrigerate the syrup in a small bowl for about 15 minutes or until cooled.
Combine the cherry juice with yuzu juice in a large pitcher and pour in champagne. Serve over ice.

two if by sea

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Warm and sunny weather draws us to our nearest beach | lake | boat | dock | yacht. With a nice breeze and a great view, its hard not to imagine getting hitched near the water. Nautical themed weddings are popular up and down both coasts and are a wonderful excuse for a four-day weekend for your guests. When it comes to paper, give them a little something to get excited about with these fresh takes on traditional Nautical invitations that are guaranteed not to make you seasick.


Love this suite from Beloved Indeed Paperie. Perfect for a fun day wedding on the dock!


And for the rebel/pirate in us all, these tattoo inspired invitations from Faye + Co. are super fun!


While this suite from Bella Figura is a little more traditional, I love how the rope details are incorporated in a slightly less expected way.